Joey's came into existence circa October 2008 and had since evolved into a boutique ccokies and cake (among other niceties) shop catering to the discerning personal and individual clientele.

We currently hold the largest selections of cookies in Hong Kong (and possibly neary regions), all made right at the bakery to ensure freshness and your enjoyment, instead of mass production at industrial establishments.  

Being a self-taught non-professional cookies enthusiast who enjoyed making cookies (among other fine foods) for well over two decades, Joey's owner maintains strong sense of dedication towards excellent ingredients and ingenuity, having created several unique offerings which became perennial favourites among customers, including cranberry sesame wheat stick (紅莓芝麻麥條) and flourless sea salt cashew (無麵粉海鹽腰果).  Joey's also boasted of having the best almond crisp (杏仁脆片) in town.

We offer a staggering variety of elegant and special cookies and cakes, each with their distinctive taste.  Listening and interacting intently with our customers, we provide specialties such as sugarless cookies (無糖曲奇), niceties that still passes our stringent standards of taste even without sugar, and cookies without eggs (不含蛋曲奇) for those with egg intolerance.

Gratefully enjoying positive encouragment and gradual recognition, Joey's cookies were hailed by customers and food critics alike, and was described by hotel chef as one of the very rare cookies maker, though not formally trained, achieving 5-star hotel quality. Joey's also had the honour of having been the #1 search for "cookies" under Yahoo!雅虎香港 and Google Hong Kong without any advertising fee.

Joined by the pastry chef from the famed Amigo's restaurant, a series of elegant cakes became part of Joey's offerings, especially the famed Napoleon cake. Again, Joey's had the ingenuity to offer exotic creations such as durian Napoloen, a first of its kind in HK and yet another instant hit.

Rediscovering the Cookie Lover in You

Joey's is well aware of other cookies offerings with their own particular features.  So, for all our patrons--a sincere Thank You for your encouragement and support!

We are dedicated to present cookies of Quality.  To Joey's, a strong element of quality is derived from our ingredients. The ingredients we proudly presented were not chosen simply for its exotic ambience. Instead, they are carefully selected choices that meet our standard.  What resulted are cookies that are:

  Needless to say, devoid of any artificial flavoring, coloring, preservatives, additives, butter extract, coffee extracts.
  Not made with excessive sugar. Due to the generous and meticulous selection of exotic ingredients, there is no need in using excessive sugar to fabricate taste.
  Not made with heavy dosage of butter.  There are no queasy feelings on your stomach (or on your hands)

With the individual ingredients, each of the thirty-plus different types of cookies possesses distinctive tastes of its own.

With the natural ingredients, the special taste lingers on from your first bite to the last bite.  We surmise in describing the cookies as elegant, but we trust our patrons to be the judge.